Outstanding SERDEF members cited at general assembly

Four members of the SERDEF were awarded plaques of recognition for outstanding service to the Foundation during the annual general membership meeting on May 13.

A posthumous award was given to Mrs. Lourdes Sanvictores, who served as the first president of the Foundation at its founding in 1976 until her death in 1998. The award was received by two of her children.

Other awardees were:  Sonia Tiong-Aquino,  former Deputy Director of the UP ISSI, former Associate Director of SERDEF and current Secretary of the SERDEF Board;  Fortunato T. de la Pena, former SERDEF executive director and UP ISSI director, and current Undersecretary of Science and Technology; and Melito S. Salazar, Jr., former SERDEF executive director and president and UP ISSI director and current Vice President for Marketing of Manila Bulletin. Mrs. Mariquit de la Pena received the award for her husband who is away on an official trip abroad.

In his annual report for 2010, SERDEF President Paterno Viloria summarized the significant accomplishments of the Foundation for the year in the areas of training and capacity building, advisory and consultancy services, research and information, new partnerships and alliances, and organization and development.  The major training projects include gender sensitivity training programs, an eco-tourism development program, good governance and entrepreneurship development for local government executives, an e-learning version of the Start Your Own Business training program, and a new training on program management skills improvement.  In research and information, President Viloria reported the completion of a baseline survey on selected industries with JICA and a study on channeling OFW remittances for development under a United Nations joint program.

President Viloria concluded his report by announcing a new product codenamed “SERDEF 2026” in anticipation of the 50th anniversary of the Foundation 15 years from now.  “This product shall be the new breed of enterprise seed for fostering and growing an enterprising society,” he said.   He explained that the product would spring from initiatives that focus on entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial values formation at all levels of the educational system, starting from pre-school.

SERDEF Treasurer Edith A. Reyes reported on the financial position of the Foundation.  Committee Chair Herminia R. Fajardo (Research and Information), Nelia T. Gonzalez (Resource Generation), Nestor O. Raneses (Programs and Projects) and Arlene Liberal, representing Fortunato T. de la Pena (Membership), likewise reported on the accomplishments and plans of their respective groups.

The officers and members of the Board of Trustees for the incoming year (2011-2012 are:

Paterno V. Viloria (President)

Francisco R. Floro (Chairman, BOT)

Alfredo E. Pascual (Vice Chairman, BOT)

Caesar A. Saloma

Sonia Tiong-Aquino (Secretary)

Yolanda T. dela Cruz

Fortunato T. de La Peña

Herminia R. Fajardo

Nelia T. Gonzalez

Serenidad F. Lavador

Arlene E. Liberal

Eduardo R. Magtoto

Nestor O. Rañeses (Executive Director)

Editha A. Reyes (Treasurer)

Emmanuel T. Velasco

During the meeting, the nomination of two new members of the Foundation was approved.  They are  Ma. Luisa B. Gatchalian and Ma. Lourdes Lopez, professors at the Miriam College and UP College of Business Administration, respectively.

The meeting concluded with the launching of the SERDEF website at www.serdef.org.  SERDEF Chairman Francisco Floro made the ceremonial login while Trustee Herminia R. Fajardo navigated and explained the various sections of the website.  The site, according to her, “showcases the Foundation’s objective of being a resource hub for micro, small and medium enterprises … in continuing partnership with UP ISSI, as articulated in the SERDEF brand name.”


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