Credit programs for small business, Part 1: LandBank, PNB, SSS

  1. Land Bank of the Philippines

The Land Bank has the following programs for micro, small and medium enterprises:

  • Countryside Loan Program – a wholesale credit facility from the World Bank and is made available through Land Bank participating financial institutions for relending to private enterprises. Eligible projects include agriculture and agri-related production, food and agro-processing ventures, manufacturing activity that generates employment/export, product distribution activity (trading), environmental protection projects, tourism-related projects, property development projects.
  • OFW Reintegration Program – a partnership with the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) for the purpose of providing entrepreneurship opportunities for Overseas Filipino Workers.
  • Development Advocacy Program – A new lending modality based on the strength of market contracts, purchase orders, receivables, and other credit enhancement.  It veers away from the rigors of traditional lending.  Small and medium enterprises, cooperatives, NGOs, and agri-business entities engaged in production, trading, processing and manufacturing are eligible to borrow.

LandBank also has the :  ACCESS/Todo Unlad Program. Microfinance Program for Microfinance Retailers, Jatropha Financing Program, Carbon Finance Support Facility, and Credit Line for Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection.

Telephone:  (Trunklines) 551-2200; 522-0000; 450-7001

2. Philippine National Bank – The PNB  provides some of the credit requirements of small businesses through the following:

  • The Small Business Loans Program – which finances business expenditures or expansion among eligible borrowers in the light manufacturing, processing, and service industries as well as in retail/wholesale trade.  Loanable fund is from P1 to 10 million.  Includes term loans and domestic bills purchase lines.  Payable in one to five years.
  • Kabuhayan Loans for franchising business — for both start-up and existing franchising businesses.  Loanable funds if from P500 thousand to P10 million, payable up to five years,
  • Sugar Loans Program – which includes the Sugar Production Line, Sugar Quedan Financing Line, and Operational Loan to finance the working capital and/or CAPEX requirements of sugar mills.

Telephone (632) 573-8888 Facsimile (632) 573-4580 E-mail Address



3. Social Security System

The business loans programs of the SSS are:

  • Industry Loan Program – With a total fund allocation of P5 billion, the Industry Loan Program aims to contribute to national recovery and create employment by providing credit to selected start-up and existing private industries and enterprises. The loan facility is available thru SSS-accredited participating financial institutions (PFIs)/banks which will on-lend the fund to eligible borrowers for financing.  The loan may be used for the following purposes:  construction, renovation, expansion or rehabilitation of buildings; increasing capacity utilization of firms;  additional/new capacity; acquisition of land. Qualified are firms engaged in agribusiness, food processing, manufacturing, service oriented enterprises, tourism-related projects, and real estate development projects.
  • Sulong Program – The SME Unified Lending Opportunities for National Growth (SULONG) Program by government financial institutions (GFIs) aims to give small and medium enterprises (SMEs) greater access to short and long term funds. The program has a total fund allocation of P100 Million.  Available under the program are short term loans (export financing, temporary working capital)  and long-term loans for purchase of equipment, building construction, purchase of lot, and permanent working capital.  Eligible are enterprises in all industries except trading of imported goods, liquor, cigarettes, and extractive industries like mining or quarrying.
  • Special Financing Programs – The program seeks to stimulate business activity by providing term loans to small and medium enterprises at lower than prevailing short-term market rates. The program has a total fund allocation of P2.5 Billion.  Available through SSS accredited financial institutions, the loans are available for the following purposes: construction, renovation, expansion of building; rehabilitation of damaged facilities; acquisition or upgrading or replacement of machinery and equipment, furniture, and fixtures’ acquisition of land; and working capital  Eligible are new and existing  micro, cottage, small and medium enterprises, including registered barangay micro business enterprises (BMBEs) as well as entities with asset size of not more than P200 million.
  • Others – The SSS likewise has financing programs for tourism projects, for hospitals, and educational institutions.

Telephone: Trunkline 920 6401


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