Cloud computing: A boon to SMEs going global

cloud computing

When a local enterprise reaches a certain level of success, going global is the natural next step. It is no longer just an option in today’s borderless world, and the rise of the cloud couldn’t have come at a better time. Never before has it been this easy to start a business and take it to a global level. Small and medium-sized enterprises are now empowered to aim higher, more than ever before, through highly efficient communications tools and business applications that enables faster time to market, and wider market reach.

By automating non-core functions such as payroll management and data archiving, and “outsourcing” these to the cloud, enterprises are able to focus on their core business without having to worry about the fulfillment of these tasks. And because these are cloud-based and are charged on an OPEX basis, companies reduce CAPEX significantly and save on IT spend.

Many service providers have recognized the demand SMEs have created and have begun creating special cloud product bundles specifically for small businesses aspiring to expand quickly, in very affordable packages. A business owner doesn’t need to look far to find the services and packages to help achieve operational efficiency, even on a global scale. We are lucky to live during a time where everything we need to grow a business is within reach.

In the same way that most of the brands we patronize locally come from all over the world, our homegrown products and services should cross over internationally just the same. Competition is no longer just on a local scale. It’s now on the world stage. With the right business tools and services, a business owner can easily grow his small enterprise into the fast-moving, multi-national, trend-making empire that he always dreamed of. Big things come in small packages, and the time to go global is now.

Nino Valmonte, Marketing Director, IP-Converge

(Click here for a primer on cloud computing.)


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