New BIR rule on receipts deferred

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The Bureau of Internal Revenue has deferred to August 31 the enforcement of a regulation calling for the use of new official receipts in trade and commerce, following complaints from members of the business community they did not have enough time to comply with the new ruling.

According to RR No. 18-2012, all businesses operating in the country should have applied for a new authority to print (ATP) receipts with the BIR not later than April 30 and should issue and use the new set of receipts starting July 1.

Businesses are also required to transact only with printing companies on a new list of BIR-accredited firms.  BIR employees and their relatives are disqualified from offering printing services.

Business groups asked for extension for compliance to the new regulation, citing they were given only six months notice which was too short for them to get ready with the new requirements. 

With the deferment, all businesses operating in the country are expected to issue the new receipts printed by BIR-accredited printers starting August 31.  They are also required to surrender their old receipts to the Bureau.

According to BIR, the new rule on receipts is aimed to curb the use of fake receipts being issued to tax evaders and smugglers.  It is also a response to complaints that some unscrupulous BIR employees were forcing businesses to order the receipts from these employees’ preferred printers.

The new rule prohibits relatives of BIR personnel up to fourth degree consanguinity to offer receipt-printing services.

BIR Commissioner Kim Henares said 2,250 printing firms had been accredited by the BIR to print the new receipts. 

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