Retailers urged to sell Christmas lights from certified importers

christmas lightsThe Department of Trade and Industry recently issued a statement urging local retailers to sell Christmas lights acquired from DTI-certified importers to ensure that the products had passed safety standards and won’t cause fires.

DTI Bureau of Product Standards Officer-in-Charge Gerardo Maglalang advised both retailers and buyers to always look for the Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) sticker either on the wire or on the package of the Christmas lights.

Twenty-three importers distributing 40 brands have been given ICC certification.

The brands are: DSL GAM, DSL LED, Will Power, Janxin Nanhai, Golden Seasons, Star, Luck Deer, 7 Star, Northstar, Landlite, Ako, Goldcrest, LED Light, Mabuhay Star, Diamond Bright, Akari, Super Bright, ET, GHC, Biglite

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In a related event, the DTI also released a list of suggested retail prices (SRPs) for goods usually served during Noche Buena (Christmas eve), in a bid to curb unwarranted price increases of these products sure to surge in demand during the holidays.

SRPs are the prices at which manufacturers recommend retailers sell the products.

The SRPs are the following: P493 for a kilogram of cooked ham and P138 for half a kilogram of brick ham; P161 to P197 for 3.06 kilogram of fruit cocktail; P227.70, P340, and P132 for 500 grams, 750 grams and 300 grams of branded keso de bola respectively; P59.35 to P103 for a kilogram of spaghetti pasta, and P68.10 to P89.70 for a kilogram of spaghetti sauce.


Photo: “Fairy City Lights” by Joseph Nadler, c/o Flickr. Some Rights Reserved