labor laws

Various laws and regulations affecting employees’ salaries and wages must be studied when designing a compensation and benefit package for employees.  In the Philippines, the Department of Labor and Employment monitors the workers’ welfare.

Below are some of the mandated rights of Filipino workers:

  1. All men and women have equal work opportunity in terms of compensation, promotions, benefits, and others.
  2. It is mandated by law that no employee can be dismissed from work without just cause and only after due process.
  3. Employees must render eight hours of work a day and be entitled to a one-hour brak, plus rest day.
  4. Employees must be provided safe working conditions and protection from sickness, injury and death.
  5. Employees have the right to self-organize, form or join the organization, for the purposes of collective bargaining and other legitimate concerted activities; and to participate in policy and decision-making in matters directly affecting them.

Employers must adhere to these labor standards mandated by law in promoting the protection of the employees and upholding a decent work environment in the country. 

The Philippine Labor Code contains all the rights of Filipino workers.  It covers matters and concerns relating to pre-employment, HRD program, conditions of employment, health, safety and social welfare, labor relations, and post employment.

(To read the Labor Code in full, click here.  )

Note: Watch out for a sequel to this article, presenting the major requirements and compliance standards embodied in the Philippine Labor Code.

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