The bright prospects of a bakery business



For those studying the prospects of a bakery business, here are useful views and insights from those who have been there, done that.

Ric Pinca, executive director of the Philippine Association of Flour Millers (Pafmil), is convinced of  the high potential of a bakery business. 

“Bread is the country’s second staple and everyone eats bread. Though consumed mainly as breakfast and snack fare, bread is also taken at lunch, usually as burgers and even at dinner time. Bread is a convenience type of food. You don’t have to sit and have a formal dinner just to eat bread. In fast food shops, you may get your bread right at the counter and you don’t even have to call a waiter to serve you.”  Bread, he added may be consumed while walking, aboard a bus or a taxi, or almost anywhere.

Lisa Mooney confirms the good prospects of a baking enterprise.

A bakeshop owner can have control of the products he provides and their quantities.  He has options in terms of an almost unlimited variety of breads, pastries, cakes, brownies, pies.

She recommends that baking entrepreneurs specialize on a product line so they can perfect the recipe and the manufacturing of it.  For instance, primary items might be cupcakes or brownies or pies.  They can consider featuring “products of the month” such as carrot cakes or banana bread to attract more customers.

Mooney points out that the bakery business is considered recession proof, as most families have to eat bread regardless of their financial condition.  Baked items are comfort foods that can be marketed as very nutritious and tasty. Entrepreneurs are likely to attract customers and establish repeat business in their local area so that they can sustain the venture.

Startupbizhub gives practical advice for new baking entrepreneurs anxious to build their first set of clients:  (1) Encourage friends and relatives to try your baked products and to order from you whenever they have special occasions in their homes.  (2) A good way of encouraging people to order your products would be to offer them cheaper but great tasting breads and cakes.   (3) Remember that word of mouth marketing remains to be the best, so better ask your friends, relatives, and existing customers to refer your bakeshop to other people.


Photo: “Crumbs window display” by Rachel Kramer Bussel, c/o Flickr. Some Rights Reserved

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