For caterers who want to be different: Try themed catering

indian buffetFor that innovative  and memorable catering twist, try themed catering.  It will give an impression hard to forget not only among your client but also your client’s guests which may translate to potential new markets.

Derek Dytian of Creative Cuisine Catering is ranked among the top of the catering trade in Cebu City.

He has introduced the concept of themed catering to distinguish his business from the others in the same line.

Themed catering revolves around a single concept  or theme.  It can be a Spanish town fiesta, a Hawaiian luau party, or a Moroccan-inspired bash.

Themed catering differs from traditional catering because it covers not only food service but also the decorations, the music, the trimmings, and the general mood and ambiance of a party.  Usually, but not always, the caterer works in tandem with a professional party or events planner to plan and execute the affair.

Most clients in the Philippines choose their catering theme on the basis of their food preferences.  Dytian’s catering business has tried almost all cuisines and themes: Pinoy, or Pinoy regional, Chinese, American, French, Italian and Thai.

The challenge in themed parties is the need to import most of the ingredients (from Manila and abroad) and thus tend to be costly.

Despite the challenges, Dytian is confident about the catering business, if only for the sheer number of potential clients.  Cebu province, alone has doubled in population from the 1990s to today.

Another catering company says it can deploy a crew from a pirate ship, samurai and geishas, or part of the entourage of Don Corleone, depending on the theme the client prefers.

Other party theme ideas:  Barrio fiesta, western party, toga party, retro 60s/70s. basketball or football themed party, gold-themed party, Barbie doll party, zombie party (for Halloween).  It seems the party themes is limited only by the imagination.

Photo: “Northern Indian Buffet” by Beth Kanter, c/o Flickr. Some Rights Reserved

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