More practical advice on e-selling from a successful mompreneur

 peachy marasigan

Peachy Consing Marasigan runs an online bag and accessories shop selling her own brand known as Bubblewrap.

When she left her job in the public relations, marketing, and print production industries to set up her online store, she never regretted her decision.

While she says there is no foolproof way to run an online business, she generously shares what she herself learned in the years she has run her online store.

In her own words, the advantages of online selling are many.

“Online shopping is the most convenient way to score your favourite finds these days, especially for moms like and me and those with business schedules.  It doesn’t require you to drive through the traffic or consume energy in window shopping and walking around the stall.

For mompreneurs, there is no physical space to rent or clean up and no full-time staff to take care of.  Hence, she is able to cut costs and sell at reasonable price.

Some practical advice for online selling she shares:

“Before anything else, make sure your product is easy to sell online.  Items that have to be seen or fitted in person may not be a good idea, although some are able to do it. 

“Decide on a product and then do your research.  How is this product usually marketed, sold, shipped.

“An online shop may be quite challenging, because you don’t have the actual product in the hands of the customer to convince them.

“With many products online nowadays, ask yourself: what will make customers choose it over the other brands.” 

Make your offerings stand out, she adds.

“No one will trust a brand that does not deliver.  From how customers will view and purchase your products to how it will be packaged and delivered, make sure everything runs smoothly before you launch your site.  Work out all the technical requirements of your website – a simple error can be enough to put off a customer.”

After the website launch, see what your market thinks of your products and take it from there.

Sell your items on a small scale first or hold an online contest to see how the market receives your product.  Then evaluate the products’ performance and your customer’s feedback, and see how you can keep improving.”

(Based on “Bubblewrap’s Peachy offers tips on taking businesses online,” PDI December 29, 2013)n

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