Leadership series: When your employees “don’t get it”

confusedA common source of frustration among managers and entrepreneurs is when their staff don’t understand what they communicate.  They feel disappointed when their people just don’t get it.

This means that employees are not fully involved.  They are disengaged,

What is the cause of the lack of involvement?

Employees are said to be disengaged when:

*they feel they have not participated in planning and making decisions that affect the company and their own future.

*they feel they have no say in how the work is done

*they feel they are not making a contribution.

The key lies in communication.  If you communicate the business challenges that you face to your people and allow them opportunities to make a contribution, then they will be more engaged.  If you tell them what you are doing, what help you need, what their role is in the organization, they won’t feel isolated.

It goes beyond meeting your staff monthly to discuss issues.  Rather it is an ongoing process, something you do every chance you get.  Employees, after all, learn differently – some need to hear a message, some prefer to read them, others just need to see it implemented.

Your challenge is to find different ways to communicate the same message to appeal to the various learning styles.

Marketing and sales techniques show that a person needs to receive the same message at least six or seven times before it fully registers.  Therefore you, as the communicator-manager, need to repeat many times to be sure your message goes through. 

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