SME assistance programs: DTI’s ROVING ACADEMY

roving acadThe SME Roving Academy (SMERA) is a continuous learning program for the development of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to become competitive in the domestic and international markets. Its main strategies include:

  • Integration of the business development services for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) at the national and local levels
  • Establishment of the Provincial, Regional, and National Entrepreneurship Development Networks
  • Management of an inclusive promotion program

Launched in 2013, the SME Roving Academy is a management training program for owners and managers for small enterprises.

According to DTI BMSMED director Jerry Clavesillas, the training to be made available are business modules tailor-fit to the requirements of business entrepreneurs over seven learning stages:  startup and capability-building stage, market awareness stage, market readiness stage, export-readiness stage, export market entry stage, export sustainability stage and export expansion stage.

New entrepreneurs will be taught procedures on starting and operating a business under stage 1.  Once they are deemed ready to launch their products, they are qualified to join higher learning stages.

Once the entrepreneur is ready to launch his product and compliant to business permits and licenses, he is now eligible for the higher learning stages (stages 2-4) of the program.

The Department of Trade and Industry implements the program in cooperation with other business development services providers;  local government units; training institutions; academe; financial institutions; trade and industry associations; and other government and non-government organizations.

 How to apply for training

  1. Participants register with DTI Provincial Office – SME Center
  2. SME Counsellor (with assistance from an expert) diagnoses the needs of the participants
  3. SME Counsellor (with assistance from an expert) provides the entrepreneur/would be entrepreneur general advice on the training that he/she may need
  4. SME Counsellor, in coordination with the Network Partners, informs the entrepreneur/would be entrepreneur when and where he/she may be assisted
  5. SME Counsellor tracks adaptation by the entrepreneur of the business development services provided. 6. SME Counsellor will determine if the entrepreneur needs additional services within the current stage or maybe endorsed to the next stage.

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