10 extraordinary qualities of successful entrepreneurs

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 by Paz H. Diaz, PhD

Victorino Abrugar contributes his thoughts on 10 Extraordinary Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs, saying that “entrepreneurs are known to be risk takers, visionaries, and innovative. They have traits and qualities that are unique from other people. They can change the world and touch the lives of many people through their ideas, products, and solutions. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, who wants to be successful in your business, advocacy, and in your whole life, you have to study those distinct characteristics of successful entrepreneurs that are not usually found in other people.”


These ten qualities are enumerated below:


  1. They help people… starting from themselves. Abrugar says that successful entrepreneurs develop themselves personally and professionally through training, learning, and self-realization to be able to come up with a solution that would give them the chance to help other people.
  2. They go out of their comfort zone… always. Entrepreneurs jump out from their comfort zone, trying to face the risks of investing their money and time on a venture that would give them uncertain income – this is the first stage of entrepreneurship. And then when the entrepreneur is already enjoying profit – and she rarely stays in that comfortable atmosphere; she continues to risk more and grow more. She goes out of that comfort zone to discover more ways and opportunities to grow, improve, and innovate.
  3. They put their dreams in the heart, not only in the mind. Every person has a dream. A dream is powerful once it is aligned with one’s goals. But a dream becomes more powerful if it rests deeply in the entrepreneur’s heart like a burning desire that he keeps fighting for all his life. This is one of the extraordinary qualities of successful entrepreneurs – they write their dreams, not only in their minds, but also deep within their hearts.
  4. They don’t really mind facing many failures; they care for ultimate success. They study and learn from their failures. The extraordinary thing about entrepreneurs is that they can face, take, and endure these failures to achieve ultimate success. In other words, they can sacrifice many things (they can accept humiliation) in order to attain their longer and more permanent objectives.
  5. They don’t just solve today’s problems but also their future problems. Many business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs may think that they could have a profitable business by providing hot and trending products and services for consumers today. Successful entrepreneurs are aware that this may not last long. They are always thinking of new products that will take shape in the future. They create trends. They provide solutions to people’s problems not only for today but also for the future.
  6. They create what they imagine and continuously innovate on what they create. Successful entrepreneurs don’t just imagine – they create. They don’t just create – they innovate. In other words, they are not just imaginative and creative, but also innovative. New uses, new markets, new concepts are always in their agenda.
  7. They admit that there are people who are better than they are. They admit their weaknesses and accept that there are people who can produce better results than they can. That’s why they hire employees and experts to delegate other tasks to them. Successful entrepreneurs believe in teamwork and collaboration. They are also leaders who know how to influence people to achieve a common goal.
  8. They don’t treat customers as one-time buyers; they treat them as long-term consumers. Successful entrepreneurs don’t see customers as simple opportunities to profit from; instead, they build good relationships with them as partners in their endeavors. Extraordinary entrepreneurs don’t chase after money; they outrun it while aiming to claim real happiness.
  9. They explore outside to see the whole picture; they look within to see the invisible. They are open minded, adventurous, and hungry for knowledge. Truly successful entrepreneurs have stories and experiences to tell that about their many adventures in life and how they fought for their survival. But they are also hungry for inner peace and retreat within from time to time. That is how they are able to speak with wisdom and humility.
  10. They are true to their words. For successful entrepreneurs, honesty is the best policy. Honesty is a common word, but it is actually extraordinary in reality. Honesty separates successful entrepreneurs from the rest. They fight for their convictions. This quality enables them to earn trust, confidence, respect, and inspiration from everyone around them.

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