Five food trends in 2016

food trends

Entrepreneurs are always on the look out for what’s new – in products, designs, service, packaging and presentation.  They try to anticipate new trends in order to be steps  ahead of the competition.

Technomic, a Chicago-based food research company, studied what’s ahead for food manufacturing and service businesses in 2016.  Here are some of its findings:

1. Hot is cool

More and more diners want to sizzle in the dining table. This is why Indian, Thai and Korean cooking have been enjoying good business in foodie circles.

Sriracha has been the go-to hot sauce of choice these last few years, being used in everything from pasta to cheese dip to ice cream, but it’s about to be joined by some new, spicy friends. Diners with adventurous palates can look forward to ingredients found in cuisine from North Africa and Southeast Asia such as dukka, ghost pepper, chujang, harissa sambal and sumac.

2. Traditional food in for a makeover

Meatballs, stews, bao buns and dumplings are known for being no-frills staples in their countries of origin, but they’re becoming a staple for gourmet restaurants everywhere. It is predicted that these food items will be given a sophisticated makeover by way of big-ticket ingredients or inventive presentation.

3. Still “No” to GMO

The market has always been wary if not downright afraid of genetically modified stuff.  The new year is not about to change this mindset.  Customers will continue looking for dining places that can gurarantee a GMO-free menu.

4. Fast foods to upgrade

The line between fast casual and fast food will continue to blur as fast-food chains focus on quality. Expect chains to add more healthy menu options and amenities such as alcohol.

5. Customers will be more discerning

More diners will want to know where their food comes from and how it got onto their plates.  They will be wanting local and fresh ingredients and restaurants will have to streamline their supply chains and be transparent about their supply sources.

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