SME assistance programs: Hapinoy’s Mobile Money Hub Program

money hub

The Mobile Money Hub Program provides women micro entrepreneurs, such as those running sari-sari stores, with mobile technology to enable them to offer various financial services to their community, and in turn earn additional income.

The program was launched in 2014 by Hapinoy, Qualcomm Wireless Reach, Smart Money, and MasterCard—launched the Hapinoy Mobile Money Hub Program.

Under the program, women who used to be intimidated by technology, use an app designed by Qualcomm to provide customers with convenient money remittance, air time, and bill payment services.

Depending on their location and type of transaction, the women earn anywhere from P1,000-3,000 a month initially and from P7,000 to P12,000 a month after a few months into the program.

The program targets 3,000 women entrepreneurs offering financial services via mobile phone in three years.  To-date 100 women in Laguna and Leyte are already active providers of the service.  They are now known as Hapinoy Nanays.

These  Nanays enrolled in the Money Hub program have made a difference in the lives of their communities, especially those near hospitals and relocation sites.

With their prompt remittance service, these money hub agents have served as  go-to centers in their own neighborhoods. They also sell airtime load to their consumer, considered crucial for domestic migrant workers and students away from their families, especially during emergencies.

The partners plan to expand the program to a “business-in-a-phone” micro-franchise.  The program partners expect that this step will enable more women micro entrepreneurs to become mobile money hub agents.

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