Know your business law: THE EXACT CHANGE LAW

August 29, 2016

Republic Act 10909, otherwise known as the Exact Change Law, deemed passed last July 21 after the bill lapsed into law, prohibits business establishments from giving customers insufficient change. The law aims to protect consumers Read More

Teachers as catalysts in enterprise development

August 14, 2016

“No entrepreneur, no growth.” Entrepreneurs are at the center of  a market economy.  They  serve as spark plug in the economic engine, activating and stimulating all economic activity. No doubt, how the country will fare Read More

ECOP, PMAP commit jointly to work vs ‘endo’

August 10, 2016

The Employers Confederation of the Philippine (ECOP) and the People Management of the Philippines (PMAP) recently entered into a joint commitment to ensure their member-companies do not engage in labor-only contracting, otherwise known as “endo.” Read More