Women’s Summit operns March 30

A Women’s Summit dubbed as the  CHANGE Summit or Compassionate and Harmonized Actions and Networks for Gender Equality to be held  on March 30-31 will gather key stakeholders on the implementation of the Magna Carta for Women or MCW  and related GAD mandates. Specifically, the Summit aims to achieve the following:


  • Share good practices in implementing the MCW
  • Discuss gaps and challenges in the implementation of specific provisions of the MCW
  • Solicit and strengthen commitments of agencies, local executives, NGOs, and the private sector to implement policies and programs relative to MCW and other GAD mandates


The two-day Summit will feature relevant plenary discussions and parallel sessions to discuss strengthened implementation of the MCW, culminating to a commitment setting and the President’s Address towards the end of day 2.


The event is by invitation only.  Agencies and other stakeholders with roles to play   in the implementation of the MCW shall be given priority in order to achieve the objectives of the activity. Travel, billeting and other allowable expenses of regional/local participants shall be charged to their respective GAD budgets. PCW may issue a separate announcement providing the guidelines and technical details of the Summit when needed.

photo credit: www.worldpulse.com

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