Competitiveness issues in grocery and supermarket retail business discussed

PIDS, AKI probe into competitiveness of grocery/supermarket retail business

Findings from a research  study on the competition landscape for the Philippine grocery and supermarket retail  industry were discussed yesterday, September 9,  at a public consultation workshop held at the Philippine Competitiveness  Commission (PCC) Court Room , Vertis North   Corporate Center Tower, Quezon City.

The study was conducted by the De La Salle University Angelo King Institute (DLSU AKI) for the Philippine Institute of Development Studies (PIDS). The study provided a detailed description of the demand and supply conditions , surveyed regulatory and other barriers to entry and expansion, and proposed policy recommendations on measures to address competitiveness issues. It also assessed whether market conditions were conducive to the formation of anti-competitive agreements and other anti-competitiveness conduct.

 Investigations focused on five selected consumer goods —  noodles, powdered milk, coffee, cooking oil,  vinegar and canned goods (sardines) — in selected grocery and supermarket stores in Quezon City and Manila.

The SERDEF delegation to the public consultation was composed of Trustees Jose P. Tabbada, Serenidad F. Lavador and Arlene E. Liberal; and Antonio D. Igcalinos, Benjamin R. Quinones, and Myrna R. Co.

SERDEF delegation, with organizers and other participants, to the public forum on the grocery and supermarket retail business, August 9, 2019.