End to endo in public and private sectors urged

In the light of the presidential directive to abolish endo employment in private companies, Senator Ralph Recto recently called for a like measure for employees in the government service.

Endo is the popular term used to refer to the practice of hiring employees on a contractual basis  for a fixed, short-term period  (usually three months) and then rehiring them under the same contractual terms. 

Contractual employees are not entitled to  health coverage, bonuses, and other benefits. Companies resort to endo employment as a cost-saving measure.

President Duterte has. on several occasions called an end to the endo practice .  He has warned private sector employers to stop endo employment under pain of business closure.

However, according to Senator Recto, the government is, in fact,  one of the  biggest buyers of outsourced labor in the country.

Government  should “open a pathway to regular employment for thousands of casuals who are eligible for permanent civil service.” the senator said. He suggested that an inventory of casual employees in government service be made, and that those found to have served more than ten years, have civil-service eligibility, and whose work has consistently been rated as outstanding be considered for permanent employment.