Getting ready for May reopening: Businesses allowed/disallowed announced

As the country prepares for a partial reopening of the economy in May, the government has issued guidelines on which businesses may reopen and which ones may not.

As announced, most businesses will be allowed to reopen, including:  electronics, exports, manufacturing, e-commerce, delivery, repair services, maintenance and housing.

For  business process outsourcing (BPO), and non-leisure trade and services businesses, half of employees will work from home while half will work on-site.

On the other hand, the following businesses/activities are barred from resuming: 


Gyms, fitness studios and sports facilities

Theaters, cinemas, carnivals, conventions, shows, pubs and ars and other entertainment-related mass gatherings

Business-related mass gatherings such as election rallies, polling centers, and\parades

Sports-related mass activities such a trainings, games, tournaments,  championships

Religious mass gatherings

Going to libraries, archives, and museums

Activities of travel agencies, tour operators, and reservation services

Activities of membership organizations

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