Philippine banks can lend more to businesses

May 17, 2011

With banks’ accumulated resources rising to P6.9 trlllion in February, lending by banks to consumer and corporate borrowers is expected to increase, according to a Bangko Sentral report. Data from the central bank showed that Read More

Registering a business: where, how, why

May 16, 2011

True, there are thousands of businesses that are unregistered. Why go through the hassle – the tedious paper work and extra expense? — “underground” entrepreneurs might say. Most of all, by keeping off the government’s Read More

Are you business-minded? Take a test!

April 25, 2011

What makes you tick? What drives you to action? What motivates you to go-go-go? It is said that the population is divided into three in terms of their motivational needs. Many people who are motivated Read More

Ph to stockpile on diesel fuel

April 16, 2011

To secure the continuous supply of diesel in the country and in anticipation of supply disruptions in the world market, the government will start to stockpile on its  diesel reserves befor the end of May. Read More

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