Inventory control: The very basics

June 10, 2013

Whether you are into manufacturing, service, or trading,  you need to monitor and manage your inventory. “Inventory”  includes: raw materials, work-in-process goods, and completely finished goods. Inventory represents one of the most important assets of Read More

Marketing basics 3: Segmenting your market

June 7, 2013

Knowing that the prospective customers and consumers  (the market) are numerous and have varied buying motives and habits, marketing professionals have found it helpful to classify or categorize the type of customers.  The process of Read More

The many hats a business owner wears

June 3, 2013

Some entrepreneurs who start a business without thoroughly considering what it entails sometimes end up feeling swamped and overwhelmed.  They might be getting more than what they bargained for. They are caught flatfooted when they Read More

Business writing without the jitters – 1

May 20, 2013

(first published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer) by Myrna R. Co In this age of quick word processing, on-screen editing, and automatic grammar and spell checks, some things have not changed.  We still have to Read More

DA to curb meat smuggling

May 18, 2013

The Department of Agriculture (DA) recently issued an executive order that seeks to curb the smuggling of meat by unscrupulous entrepreneurs. DA’s Administrative Order No. 9 raised the minimum capital requirement for meat importers to Read More

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