SME awardees share leadership secrets

leadershipSix top managers of successful small and medium enterprises, recognized as models of skill and creativity and the right leadership attitude, share their secrets in managing their respective companies.

They are all awardees of the Philippine Long Distance Company (PLDT) SME Nation Bossing Awards.

Here’s what they say by way of advice to others who would assume leadership positions in SMEs,


 You have to be relevant, so that there will always be curiosity among your customers.

Success is not about following the current fad, but “creating your own trends to be followed by others.

–          Louis Gutierrez, Managing Director, Silverworks


“Get your feet wet, get your hands on (the business).

There will always be challenges and difficulties, but a good business owner always has to face them head on.

Expose yourself to opportunities , be aware of favorable business prospects, never be afraid.”

–          Bobby Claudio, Toby Sports


 That our company has established itself as a food institution in the Philippines is a feat made possible by the company’s attitude of non-complacency and innovation, and keeping up with developments in technology.

It is also important to be genuinely concerned with people one works with to effectively achieve company goals.

–          Sarabeth Salcedo-soriano, Baliwag Lechon


 Believe in what you do, believe in yourself. You need to dig deep and get rid of doubts.

–          Michael Deakin, Managing Director, Lifeline


 Don’t think about how you will acquire your wealth, and don’t take shortcuts.  You should focus on opportunity, integrity and being transparent.  If you do this, your customers will reward you and your co-workers will work harder.

–          Glenn Yu, President, Seaoil


“I follow the four guiding principles in work:  have the heart to honor your past; train the mind to visualize the future; develop the skill to excel; and always have the willingness to serve

Folllow the 4 As: Have the right aptitude for the business you want; the correct attitude learned from your peers; the necessary abilities  by developing skills; and you will get astonishing results.

–          Samie Lim, CEO, Automatic Center