QC bans single-use plastic/paper utensils

Starting 2020, hotels, restaurants and similar service establishments are prohibited to use single-use containers and utensils made from plastic, paper, or Styrofoam. 

This was announced by Mayor Joy Belmonte in a press conference held last Sunday, December lst.

The ban is applicable to food eaten inside the establishment and not to take-out orders.

Mayor Belmonte explained that the Quezon City Council passed the ordinance as a measure “to reduce the generation of waste materials that are hardly recovered and recycled and to promote sustainable practices in the city’s thriving hotel and restaurant industry.”

Quezon City has been ranked among the biggest generators of waste worldwide.

Hotels were also prohibited from distributing bar and liquid soaps, shampoos and conditioners, shower gels, and other personal grooming products in sachets and single-use containers.

Violators face a fine of P1,000 for the first offense and P3,000 for the second offense plus revocation of business permit.  Three-time violators face a closure order, a revocation of their business permit, and a P5,000 fine.

In order to give concerned establishments sufficient time to comply with the ordinance, enforcement will begin in February 2020.

Photo credit  ww.reddit.com