Running a resort: Be passionate about customer service

How does one successfully run a beach resort?

Let’s hear it from Roland and Flor Verzosa, owners of El Puerto Marina Beach Resort and Spa, a leading tourist destination in Lingayen, Pangasinan.

“First of all a resort should be managed properly.  It’s the people (staff) who are really making the resort successful.  And after that, good marketing, so that people will come.  You can have a very nice resort but people will not come unless it is known.

“During summer, we have lots of guests, so no problem financially.  But we try to control and monitor the costs, so that during the rainy season, the lean months (June up to October-November), the sales we have are enough to sustain operations.  That’s one thing — we try to control the costs.  And we always tell the staff to avoid wastes.

“Also during the lean season, we come up with packages and discounts to attract client, also tours, even services like spa and use of sports facilities.

“What is truly effective is tying up with websites like Metro Deal, Local Roam, Deal Spot.  They sell coupons at discounted rates.  Kase, nasa Internet na ngayon ang marketing, social marketing malakas (bullish) because everybody has a computer, Facebook … and there are online advertisements.  Because that’s what people are looking for, big discounts.

“Thus, we already earn, generate sales.  One hundred coupons have been sold, 1000 coupons have been sold ..  there are small and big packages.

“But the common denominator is customer service.  That’s very important in a company.

“We always tell our staff that it is the client who pays their salaries.  When I ask them that and they answer ‘you, sir’ I tell them no, it is the clients, the guests who pay your salaries.  If there are no clients, pati kami wala rin.

“Once you inculcate this, they will have a feeling of ownership.  That’s important in a company:  If they have a feeling of ownership, they will take care of the company.

“I am passionate about customer service.”

Excerpted from:  “How to successfully run a resort” by Amadis Guerrero, Philippine Daily Inquirer, page B2-3, February 10, 2012

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