HELP! Our money is tied down in inventory!

June 2, 2014

Question We  are a small manufacturing company constantly overloaded with inventory in the form of raw materials, work in process and finished goods.  With our money tied down, we often lack the funds  needed to Read More

Networking in the construction industry

November 13, 2013

Question: I am a civil engineer  who’s thinking of  leaving my job in a construction company to try private contracting.  Can you suggest how I can develop the network to succeed in this business?  How Read More

“Help! They’re after me for bribes!”

August 14, 2013

Question I have been dealing with this government bureaucrat in charge of procuring supplies for his office.  Our first transaction was a-okay.  I had no complaints and it went on fairly smoothly in spite of Read More

Reader goes for low-risk business

January 9, 2013

Question I want to start my own business, after many years of being employed.  As they say, when we are working for another person, we are making that person rich.  I think it is time Read More

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