About Us

The SERDEF was founded in 1976 to assist in the promotion and development of entrepreneurship and small and medium enterprises in the country.  In particular, it aimed to complement what its partner GO, the UP Institute for Small-Scale Industries, is doing for the small business community.

SERDEF’s vision is to build an enterprising culture within Philippine society and thereby increase the pool of citizens who will seek to generate income and jobs through entrepreneurship and self-employment.

SERDEF’s goals are:

  • To initiate, sponsor, promote and conduct research, training, extension and information programs geared towards small enterprise promotion.
  • To advocate the fostering of an enterprising culture in Philippine society.
  • To take initiatives in pilot-running new and innovative enterprise development tools and strategies.

The SERDEF addresses the following groups of people in the pursuit of its goals

  • Small entrepreneurs wanting to grow in volume, product lines, markets, technology, systems,influence ad bargaining power
  • Would –be entrepreneurs determined, finally, to transform their business aspirations to reality.
  • Administrators and staff of local governments, schools, government and non-government organizations wishing to build their capability in enterprise promotion, education, and assistance.

For each of the above target groups, the SERDEF has these to offer:

  • Existing entrepreneurs may be helped in growing, diversifying, trying new technologies,building their managerial and technical manpower base, entering new markets, developing new products, going e-commerce, and generally breaking barriers they used to impose on themselves.
  • Aspiring businessmen may be helped to take the entrepreneurial plunge – but not before they assess their personal readiness, identify and plan a viable business, and develop management skills.
  • Local government, schools and government and non-government development organizations may learn new and innovative enterprise development strategies and tools to and helped build their pool of people qualified to train, teach, counsel, and otherwise assist entrepreneurs.

SERDEF Brochure

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Nelia T. Gonzalez, D.L.

Paterno V. Viloria, Ph.D.

Herminia R. Fajardo, Ph.D.
Vice President

Paz H. Diaz, Ph.D.

Angelita B. Resurreccion

Ernesto S. Bravo

Educardo Q. Canela, Ph.D.

Gloria D. Canela

Maria Luisa B. Gatchalian

Serenidad F. Lavador

Arlene Eleanor E. Liberal

Melchor C. Morandarte

Benigno N. Ricafort, Ph.D.

Jose P. Tabbada

Victoria B. Villa, Ph.D.