Confucius, Gibran, Edison, Jobs, etc. – on entrepreneurship


From the mouths of the great and the  famous … read and be inspired!

Here’s what famous writers, artists, thinkers, scientists and statesmen – and, yes,  entrepreneurs — say about business entrepreneurship.


There is only one boss.  The customer.  And he can fire everybody in the company from chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.

-Sam Walton

Sometimes, when you innovate, you make mistakes.  It is best to admit them quickly and get on with improving your other innovations.

-Steve Jobs


Hell, there are no rules here – we’re trying to accomplish something.

-Thomas Edison


No enterprise is more likely to succeed that one concealed from the enemy until it is ripe for execution.

– Niccolo Machiavelli


Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art.  Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.

-Andy Warhol


Business is never so healthy as when, like a chicken, it must do a certain amount of scratching around for what it gets.

– Henry Ford


If you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better than you should leave your work.

-Kahlil Gibran


I want to put a ding in the universe.

-Steve Jobs


The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.



I am not certainly the one who needs to be prodded;  in fact, I am the prod.

-Winston Churchill


 The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows.

-Aristotle Onassis


A cardinal principle of Total Quality escapes too many managers;  you cannot continuously improve interdependent systems and processes until you progressively perfect interdependent, interpersonal relationships.

-Steven Covey


Everyone has an invisible sign hanging from their neck saying, “Make me feel important.”  Never forget this message when working with people.

-Mary Kay Ash


In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins:  cash and experience.  Take the experience first; the cash will come later.

-Harold Geneen

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