More reasons to begin a business from home

haidelyn's confections


It makes sense to start a business from home.

Take it from Haidee Agustin who runs  Haidelyn Confections from her Quezon City residence.

Going home- based is sensible because “we can eliminate rental from our operating expenses,” she explains.

She has always been a great one for keeping costs down.

“If you’re just starting, be prudent in your spending.  Be humble and do your trial and error at home so losses will be at a minimum  When you feel you have the right mix of products and service, then it’s the right time to go out of  your comfort zone and invest on new space and equipment.”

She admits there are distractions at home — television, bed, etc. — that may keep one from giving 100 per cent to the business.  Self-discipline and professionalism will counteract this, she says.

Agustin discusses another downside to being home-based.  Corporate clients may be reluctant to deal with entrepreneurs who do not have brick-and-mortar stores or offices.  “I tried approaching established retail stores but I felt they thought I might close shop any time.”  In time, through sheer hard work and proving her dependability, she was able to overcome the misconception.

Agustin advises newbie entrepreneurs to choose a line of business that is close to their heart.  In her case, baking is her passion.  She has always loved t0 bake.

She has recently started an online ordering system to expand her market base.  She also joins Friday market at ABS-CBN.


Source:  Entrepreneur Philippines, February 2013


Photo: From Haidelyn Confections’ Facebook page


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