Entrep teachers’ development-catalyst role underscored at TREE closing


Entrepreneurship teachers have a crucial role to play as catalysts and stimulants of the enterprising spirit which in turn fuels economic activity and growth.

This was the gist of the message delivered by SERDEF president Paterno V. Viloria at the closing ceremonies of the Training for Entrepreneurship Educators (TREE) seminar conducted by the SERDEF on July 14 – 15, at the UP Institute for Small-Scale Industries Building, Diliman Campus.

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Twenty-nine teachers and trainers attended the program, with representations from Metro Manila and adjacent provinces like Tuguegarao, Marinduque and Quezon provinces.

The two-day program featured resource speakers who do not only teach but actually practice entrepreneurship, including Victoria B. Villa of Natasha, a direct-selling enterprise; Angelita B. Resurreccion of Passion for Perfection, a management consulting firm; and Chito L. Madrono of 12 PM Enterprises, maker of educational toys under the Eureka brand.

On the  second-day workshop, participants were guided in preparing their own course curriculum – one  tailor-fit to their students’ ages and level of development —  by a team of facilitators led by Dr. Paz H. Diaz, SERDEF board secretary and experienced entrepreneurship trainer.

The school, next to home and family, contributes the most in the molding of the adults that youth will later become, Dr. Viloria told the participants.  They create the environment that will push or hinder learning.

“Enterprising values, attitudes and skills are best taught by enterprising teachers using enterprising learning methods.  Students learn best when mentored by teachers who know what they are talking about and who personify the entrepreneurship values and skills they seek to inculcate.”

Earlier, at the opening of the program, Dr. Victoria Villa cited the K-to-12 program of the Department of Education, which allowed for the early inculcation of entrepreneurship skills and values among schoolchildren among those who would opt for the entrepreneurship track.

According to TREE project director Serenidad F. Lavador, more TREE programs will be run this year in other areas of the country.  The SERDEF may also design and implement other entrepreneurship faculty development program, as needed by specific schools or groups of schools.

SERDEF’s faculty development courses are endorsed by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

Teachers and trainers interested to attend future runs of the course may get in touch with  Ms. Catherine Altares or Ms. Levy Sarmiento at Tel. 355 5348 and 355 5529 or email serdef1976@serdef.org.

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