Minimizing losses from shoplifting


Dear SERDEF advisers:

I have a small grocery store or what may be called a mini super-market in Paranaque City.  Among my major  concerns is petty theft inside my store.  How can I prevent shoplifting?  How can I minimize losses resulting from such practices of customers and probably some staff?

J. Benzon, Paranaque City



Dear Mr. Bengzon:

All retailers encounter the problem of pilferage and shop lifting.

A precaution commonly resorted to by many retailers, big and small, is installing CCTV cameras within store premises.  Having these is like having extra eyes watching out for shoplifters inside your shop.

Perhaps more importantly, make it a point to train your staff to be on the lookout for and spot potential shoplifters.

According to, shoplifters tend to:

  • Avoid eye contact
  • Appear nervous
  • Wander the store without buying
  • Leave the store and return repeatedly
  • Linger in a location that employees have a hard time monitoring
  • Constantly keep an eye on store employees and other customers.

Some general shoplifting-prevention techniques include:

  • Staying alert at all times.
  • Greeting all customers.
  • Asking lingering customers if they need help.
  • Knowing where shoplifting is most likely to occur in the store.
  • Using a log to share suspicions about shoplifters among employees.
  • Displaying signs that say “Shoplifters will be prosecuted.”

Toby President Roberto Claudio suggests providing customers with good customer experience as a measure against dishonesty.  He says:  “It is when you offer service to your shoppers where you not only reduce loss but also increase sales.  Shoppers will leave your stores satisfied and would want to come back again.

Let us know how else we can help.

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