Feng Shui tips for small businesses

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More and more entrepreneurs, Filipino or Chinoy, take interest in Feng Shui rituals in order to help ensure business success.

Feng shui is an ancient technique believed effective in drawing more clients to a business, creating a harmonious workplace that attracts more business, and building a financial foundation for one’s life that gives a person more control and greater freedom.

Feng shui is about using well thought out arrangements of spaces and objects to produce a flow of natural energy that feels right.

Here are some Feng Shui tips from the World of Feng Shui, a shop that specializes in feng shui items, located at Bonifacio High Street, Taguig Ciity, which small businesses  may find useful:

  • Your business entrance should have a strong flow of feng shui energy, which means the outside should be clean, well-lit and your store business name is clear, noticeable and easy to read.
  • You should have a good flow of energy inside. Practically, this means that your store should not feel cramped. It should be comfortable to stay inside and easy for customers to walk and go around in.
  • Your cash register should be placed diagonally from the entrance because this is believed to be a powerful feng shui spot.
  • Your desk or work space should not be cluttered. Keep it clean everyday and for good luck, put a plant or a family picture in a wood frame on it.
  • Speaking of plants, it’s always best to have live plants and flowers in your office or place of business. If this is not possible, then a plastic plant is okay as long as it looks flourishing and you keep it dust-free.

Source: fitzvillafuerte.com

Image credit:  eco-architectureandplanning.com