End of ENDO to be deliberated by Industrial Peace Council


Contract Terminated

The Department of Labor and Employment admitted recently that the department order putting restrictions on businesses from resorting to contractualization in hiring employees has not been signed.  Endo is a shortcut for end of contracts, a scourge for workers who need stable jobs rather than short-term contracted work.

DOLE Secretary Silvestre Bello had deferred signing the department order because of reservations expressed by both management and labor sides.

Instead of outright signing the order Secretary Bello decided to table the issue in the tripartite council represented by workers, employers and the government.

Labor groups think that the draft department order is not sufficient to counteract the evils of contractualization.

All DOLE undersecretaries were directed to craft separate drafts which would then be consolidated and referred to the National Tripartite Industrial Peace Council.

The labor groups appealed for the passage of an executive order to serve as “stop-gap” to proscribe contractualization until a new law could be enacted.