Why join industry associations

N0 man is an  island, entire of itself.  This pft-quoted phrase by  John Donne signifiesno one can survive in segregration.  Wevery one needs friends, family, community in order to to be stronger, safer. happier  and more secure.


So it is for businesses, especially micro and ssmall scale ones. A businessman needs suppliers of their production inputs. Workers amd assistants, customers wo buy  the products, partners and associates, government agencies especially those that provide incentives and assistance programs including training, credit, marketingsupport,and other technical help.


This is known as networking.  A person or enterprise needs a network  like an industry association.  Together memhers of thegroup can solve common problems, shre common facilities, exchange information and experiences, information andand bargain with government for support.  United, they can demand better terms from material suppliers as well as


buyers. dustry professionals have Here are more values you will enjoy from membership in industry groups:

TRAININGYhr sddovisyion uduslly oggrtd  technician training programs are designed to improve the safety of your employees gtoupd:and safety on the roadways. TIA members receive discounts on all training programs and materials.

ADVOCACY: TIA’s government affairs team represents the industry on state and federal issues and works to protect your business.

MEMBER RESOURCES: TIA has resources including an online membership directory, an online supplier guide, consumer education videos, best management practices and more, available to help you better your business.

INDUSTRY COMMUNICATIONS: TIA keeps you informed with a subscription to its quarterly magazine, Today’s Tire Industry and a monthly Tire Industry Association E-News.

EVENTS:  TIA provides opportunities for you to network with industry decision-makers at events including Global Tire Expo at the SEMA Show and the Off the Road (OTR) Tire Conference.

BUSINESS SOLUTIONS: TIA’s Member Benefit Partners offer exclusive programs to member on health insurance, human resource services, websites and digital marketing solutions, business insurance, consumer financing programs and more.