54 complete TREE for entrep. teachers

Fifty-four entrepreneurship teachers and trainers recently completed the Training for Entrepreneurship Educators (TREE) program conducted by the SERDEF from July 26-29.

TREE is a continuing-education program endorsed by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). It seeks to update entrepreneurship faculty with the latest in teaching technology and current trends and developments affecting small-enterprise management, so that they can more competently perform their mentoring work in the field of entrepreneurship.

In her talk at the closing ceremonies held last July 29, Dr. Herminia R. Fajardo, SERDEF trustee and chair of the Research and Development Committee, expressed confidence that the program succeeded to render participants better equipped to inculcate among their students the requisite personal entrepreneurial competencies of creativity, calculated risk-taking, persistence, concern for quality and efficiency, etc.

Dr. Fajardo also reiterated opportunities for faculty to immerse students in real-life entrepreneurial tasks, through collaboration with Department of Trade and Industry’s Negosyo Centers operating all over the country.

The participants come from various regions in the country, notably Bicol, Southern Luzon, and Northern Luzon.

Dr. Paz H. Diaz, TREE program director, revealed that the SERDEF is coordinating with CHED in efforts to credit participation in the TREE with an equivalency of three masteral units.

Another run of the TREE has been scheduled for November this year.

The 9th TREE program closes with 54 participants from various schools all over the country.
Several TREE graduates pose with SERDEF officers: Ms. Nida Lavador, Dr. Herminia Fajardo and Dr. Paz Diaz.