Freelancing niches and opportunities

There are many opportunities open to the skilled freelancer.  Among the most lucrative niches are in creative writing, digital marketing and graphic design.  All three are potentially  high-profit businesses can that can be started with very little capital or none at all. 

Creative writing

Creative writers  may write blog posts and maintain blog sites that can earn income from Google and other advertisements, They can also write  for both  online and paper-and-ink publications, contribute feature and short stories to newspapers and magazines, write content for various websites, and ghost-write for business executives and government officials.

There is also a market for video scripts, advertising copy,  email sequences and sales funnels, sales pages, and position papers otherwise known as white papers. identifies top  websites that pay freelancers to write content.  These include:  Travelista club team, Cosmopolitan, Funds for Writers, Cooking Detective, and the  Change Agent.

In the USA, a writer with a known profile can earn as much as US$1000 a month.   

Digital marketing

Digital marketing relates to  promoting a company, service or a brand. The marketer promotes the brand by developing, implementing and managing marketing campaigns.  Digital marketing serves to create online brand awareness, and drive traffic to the company or product website, The marketer’s responsibility can include  managing the company profile on Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites.

Graphic design

A graphic designer is someone that creatively designs visual concepts and communicates ideas that inform, inspire and captivate consumers using graphic either by hand or using grapic design software like Adobe and Corel Draw.

Graphic design requirements of companies include: logo designing, web designing, social media designing, label and package design, brochure designing, design and layout of company newsletters and annual reports, animation, and infographics

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