SERDEF gets ready to digitize files, streamline workflow

SERDEF was represented at the Beehive Technologies’ Digital Archiving Wrorkshop by Trustee Dr. Paz Diaz and Mss. Clarita Eseban, Catherine Rulfo and Librada Sarmiento.

In preparation for the goal of digitizing its books, publications and office documents and of, ultimately, automating office workflow, the SERDEF sent a number of its staff to the “Digital Archiving and Data Management Workshop” held last October 8 at the Cromagen Building, Pasig City.

The Workshop was conducted  by Beehive Technologies for the purpose  of promoting  and disseminating the use  Docukit, a productivity tool that allows users to access, control and protect their documents digitally. 

The training included:  digitizing documents to make them searchable, secure and linkable to office workflow; automating data management; and using on-premise, cloud-based Deploy software tailor-fit to office requirements.

By digitizing its publications, SERDEF aims to make them easily  accessible to its target readership of micro and small entrepreneurs who need to grow and improve their business; small enterprise development workers; and other stakeholders in small enterprise promotion, including individuals who plan to go into business.