Data analytics for SME managers,trainers, consultants to open in February

The Small Enterprises Research and Development Foundation (SERDEF) recently announced the conduct of the Data Analytics Course for SME managers, trainers, consultants and other specialist staff on February 11-13 at the UP Institute for Small-Scale Industries Building ( Virata Hall).


The program seeks to develop professionals and specialist staff in small and medium enterprises and other organizations (both public and private) who are capable of adapting data-driven styles in problem=solving and decision-making instead of gut feel-based management approaches.

To be covered in the three-day training are the following core topics:

Day 1 – Big data; data analysis and SMEs; the professional practice of data analytics; marketing and growth analytics.

Day 2 – Data wrangling; opportunity mapping; operations and service analytics; people analytics.

Day 3 – Financial analytics; DAD; SME data analytics; training and consulting opportunities.

According to Dr. Eduardo Canela, lead facilitator, the course will make use of the following methods: interactive problem-solving and skills-building exercises, group working, experience sharing, structured dialogues and collaborating in the cloud.

Dr. Canela adds that the course is suitable for those with marketing, engineering, IT, and business administration background.

For inquiries and reservations, please get in touch with Cathy Altares at 8355 5529 or email [email protected].