Shown above are from left: Ms. Serenidad Lavador of SERDEF, Dr. Elizabeth Naui of ISASS and Prof. Melchor Morandarte of SERDEF.

The Small Enterprises Research and Development Foundation (SERDEF) recently signed an agreement with the International School of Applied Social Science (ISASS} to jointly conduct a diploma course on international business development for overseas Filipino workers and members of their families to enable them to start and manage income-generating, job-creating micro, small and medium enterprises.

The contract signing took place last June 27 at the SERDEF office in Diliman, Quezon City. Signatories to the agreement were SERDEF president Dr. Paterno Viloria and ISASS president Dr. Elizabeth Naui. Also present during the occasion were Professor Melchor Morandarte and Ms. Serenidad Lavador, SERDEF vice president and technical adviser, respectively.

The training is expected to build business management competencies  among members of the OFW community, so that earnings from employment abroad may be channeled to long-term productive investments.

ISASS mission

ISASS is an international educational institution based in Barcelona, Spain offering diploma and degree courses in  applied social sciences, in partnership with various organizations in Europe and Asia.

In an interview with Philippine News Agency’s Maria Theresa Montemayor, Dr. Naui expounded on ISASS’s mission of raising the status of Philippine workers in Europe.

Naui noted that Filipino workers in Europe usually take blue-collar jobs in households, hotels, restaurants and hospitals, although many of them are college graduates. This is usually because Philippine diplomas are mostly not recognized in European countries.

ISASS aims to provide motivation for OFWs in Europe to pursue better career opportunities . “We want them to transition from being house helpers to entrepreneurs or highly-skilled employees holding high positions.”

Any Filipino, 18 years old and above, can enroll in any ISASS program, as long as they are already in Europe.

ISASS diploma courses use a problem-based curriculum and blended learning strategy. “Blended” means 60 per cent online and 40 per cent face-to-face instruction. Each course is expected to be completed in six months.

ISASS currently offers diploma programs in international studies, international business development, and international service management.

Each course is equivalent to 60 European credits or 1500 learning hours.

Business management training modules

The joint SERDEF-ISASS course in business management is scheduled to open this September at the SERDEF training facility at the UP Diliman campus, Quezon City.

The program consists of three training modules.

Module 1 is an introduction to business, including international business trade, the European business landscape, and business models and principles.

Module 2 relates to identifying business opportunities, building business leadership, creating business development strategies, and understanding new technologies for business.

Module 3 covers business planning, understanding financial management, mastering the products/services offered, identifying and entering markets, and the role of social media in business.

To reserve a slot in the program and obtain additional information, email [email protected], or visit, watsapp+34602681371 or email [email protected].